The power of authentic communication…

calmversation workshops focus on team building,
creative problem solving and expanding possibilities.
These workshops are highly interactive and engaging experiences for participants.

For the Workplace

In our workshops, we explore how communication can be improved when people are made aware of how they learn and acquire new information. Participants learn how various forms of communication (verbal and non-verbal) impact perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.

Workshop activities help them to build trust and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. By building trust, they gain confidence and learn leadership and problem-solving skills. These skills help to increase motivation, accountability and performance. Participants also learn about the importance of giving and receiving constructive feedback.

With stronger communication and leadership skills, workshop participants will be able to work more collaboratively in teams, enhance connections with clients and networks, and adapt to growth challenges within their organization or workplace.

For Educators

Educators will learn how to create compassionate learning spaces that champion creativity, problem solving, and thoughtful communication. Workshop activities highlight the unique personalities, strengths, and wisdoms that each student brings to the classroom. Group discussion, in the context of a calmversation, facilitate the peaceful exploration of thoughts and ideas to promote empathy and social emotional learning. Also, teachers will learn how to inspire confidence and empathy, and model leadership skills for their students.

create inspired, inclusive and innovative workspaces

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