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keynote speaker to inspire, engage and create dynamic ideas and understanding through calmversation.

MissyJena is a powerful speaker who inspires, engages, and creates dynamic possibilities with her audiences. With a professional background in human and social development, and 15 years of experience in the education sector, MissyJena is opening hearts and minds through calmversation both in schools, corporate spaces, and everyday life.

Bridging the divide in communication and problem solving is why she created calmversation – both as a new model for learning and one that helps humans better connect and relate to one another, even with advances in technology.

It is her goal to help people see their truest potential through compassionate understanding of one another.

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Missy Jena is a pleasure to work alongside in the Toastmasters community. Her presentations are extremely thought provoking and her stories connect people to her cause. Her passion and charm capture the attention of individuals, no matter the size of her audience. She is a true leader in her cause and a role model for those pursuing work in the field of children’s education.

Karina Abe, Toastmaster

I’ve had the privilege to hear Missy Jena speak on multiple occasions. She has a magnetic and dynamic presence that is highly inspirational. Going through one of Missy Jena’s calmversation sessions allowed me to unlock my own creative potential and encouraged me to take new actions. I especially enjoyed discovering a rice pot in the ocean. Curious? Book a session to find out more!