Thoughts within Images

Thoughts within Images

Welcome to a series of narrations exploring mind and heart connections through calmversation. Here’s a bridge to understanding the focal points and quiet thoughts embedded within images.

 Moments that click


Sunshine Coast, Australia Ethical Marketeer + Photographer

Sunshine Coast, Australia Ethical Marketeer + Photographer

•Alivia’s Narrative•

observation: A tattooed man walks along the beach towards the water. He peels off his shirt and shoes and tosses them into a small heap. He then proceeds to run towards the ocean. It’s a cool afternoon on the Gold Coast. No one else seems to be swimming as dark storm clouds build along the shore. A small patch of light forms behind him, softly illuminating the skyline in the distance and providing an opportunity to catch his reflection in the wet sand before he dives in.

reflection: Rather than reminding me of something I’ve seen before, the moment instead felt almost cinematic to me. Watching him prepare to go in, running towards the water, and then finally diving in all while having my camera aimed and at the ready, gave me this small jolt of pleasure at having been there to document the moment. In fact, capturing that shot gave me the same feeling of satisfaction that I used to get from doing well in ‘Pokémon Snap’ — an N64 game that I loved as a kid where the mission was to capture the best possible images of various Pokémon in a variety of environments. At the end of each level you select your favorite images to be rated which takes into account a number of aspects such as the Pokémon’s pose, framing, and even bonus points for special shots. This photo was definitely my ‘special’ shot from that day.

connection: We should all choose to live more spontaneously. Go ahead and get your feet wet. Don’t let your doubts, be them about yourself or the future, hold you back from enjoying what’s presently in front of you. As my fave U.S. President would say: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @alittlebitofblush Location Australia.

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West coast wanderer

West coast wanderer.

•Tom’s Narrative•

observation: We woke up early to catch sunrise at the lake. As the sun started to filter through the trees and fog it started to illuminate the dramatic mountain backdrop, but only for a few minutes. The fog then rolled in thick creating a whiteout, leaving only the lake in view. We then ate breakfast as I read my book and watched the fog float by.

reflection: Looking back it was like being lost in a cloud. There was not a lot of visual interest as everything was whited out, like floating in “fog” space. Time seemed to slow and I was just along for the ride.

connection: The best way to create photographs to me is to always be out there exploring but sometimes once you get out there you need to slow down and enjoy your environment. Weather and lighting is always changing and that extra few minutes or hours of patience could make all the difference.

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @tomparkr Location Canada.

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Blog. Travel. Lifestyle. Oreos.

Blog. Travel. Lifestyle. Oreos.

•Ken’s Narrative•
observation: Korea’s finest landscape scenes in Autumn.

reflection: It made me think back the time when I first moved to Korea and that fresh, driven, and optimistic perspective I had on the country.

connection: Being a foreigner in another country can be tricky at times mentally. Having lived in Korea for a while it can definitely make you see some good things and ugly things. There are situations which are unfairly prejudiced against foreigners and that can really affect your optimism and inspiration. By travelling to new places once in a while, like this National Park located just a few hours away from Seoul, I get to remind myself to embrace the countries flaws and seek out more the beauty hidden within. Stay positive.


acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @seoul_stateofmind
Location Korea.

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Lise Québec. I see beauty everywhere.

Lise Québec. I see beauty everywhere.

•Lise’s Narratives•

observation: Magdalen Islands, early September. It was surprisingly warm for this time of year. Being a little off season, we had this giant playground practically to ourselves sharing it with a group of youths teasing the wind and their audacity on hang-gliders. I’m watching my granddaughter making up “a” world with whatever she finds.

Creation : Something, that was non existent before, is taking shape.

reflection: It brought me back to my childhood ‘s summers, spent between beaches, woods, blueberries picking, bleeding knees and dirty faces. Before helmets and insurances. We had square miles at our disposal to explore and hot meals and totally trustful mothers to come back to.

connection: I’ve known in my bones that playing is learning. Give them a few blocs, a few friends, a little space and watch them go. Childhood is the R & D department of mankind. Read stories to children and shower them with love. Look them in the eyes and say “I see you!” for they hold inside the solution to everything. And that makes me calm.

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @mamiga99. Location Montreal.

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Brenden Neal Alex Zapotichny. Vancouver, Canada

Brenden Neal Alex Zapotichny. Vancouver, Canada.

•Brenden’s Narratives•

observation: I’ll be honest, putting down words for a photo is hard for me. It is hard for me to describe something I’ve expressed through a photo. I am the worst with captions on my photos, even though people disagree with me. For this photo, I saw an opportunity. It was actually more of a joke to me. Most of my favourite photos that I have taken are usually because I had an idea and wanted to see what would happen. The experiences are always better than the photos, but I want to capture the photo to remember the experience. Noel and I were the only ones left in the dock and I said something about jumping in, then I thought about what it would look like. I loved the backdrop and I knew that Noel would be up for the photo.

reflection: After looking at this photo for awhile, and enjoying the moment, it reminds me of my life in the past year. This photo would be beautiful without my friend jumping, but there is just so much more. My life could have just contintued as normal, but I decided to take a risk back in February because I saw that there was something more.

connection: The thing that really clicked was the time I enjoyed with my friend, Noel. I wanted to capture him in a way that really reflected who he was and the fun we had together. There are a lot of serious photos of people that I know and love that really don’t capture them. For this moment, I saw an opportunity for colour and personality in the fog.
acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @brendenzap

Location British Columbia.

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Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.
Napoleon Hill



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