Photography Narratives

Photography Narratives

image by @danamarieku

Dana Marie Change is my constant.

observation: I see a boy finding his way to the surface, feeling the bubbles and cool water against his skin.

reflection: I am reminded of life as a youth, finding my way through new experiences and searching for a surface that made sense to me.

connection: He figuratively demonstrates the act of seeking out answers, meaning, and identity, sometimes in dark waters, somewhat blindly, with intention of reaching our light.

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @danamarieku USA



Jesse – SC, Queensland. There’s never a dull moment.

observation: I felt and saw the beautiful and calming presence of the fog enveloping the frame in which Alivia stood.

reflection: I’m reminded of how much I enjoy exploring with my partner.

connection: I was so happy being able to enjoy a beautiful scene, while also finding beauty in my surroundings with Alivia @alittlebitofblush.

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @thewildtraveller Location Australia



image by @popscure

a t t i l a | a d v e n t u r e s |

observation: I arrived at the lagoon very late and I couldn’t see much, only a bit after the moon came up, but I could sense that it was a magical place. It wasn’t the view that made me think that, rather than the sounds of the floating, colliding and melting icebergs. It was a very quiet night and my ears picked up everything… I could tell that they were constantly moving and changing. A very eerie feeling when you think you’re alone.

reflection: This was the first time in two days when I felt that I could slow down for a bit. The melting icebergs brought the concept of time and life to my attention and they made me realize how much I sacrificed to be there and how I would do it again in a heartbeat. Despite being cold and hungry, I felt warmth and happiness inside.

connection: I felt Mother Earth’s vulnerability as she was changing right in front of my eyes. All kinds of thoughts from climate change and global warming to the passage of time came rushing to me. Seeing these Icebergs floating out to sea and melting int the ocean made me realize my short time here on earth. I could see myself “melting” from the day I was born and slowly drifting out to sea…

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @popscure Location Iceland


image by @o_karl

K a r l

observation: An early morning paddle on lake Mälaren, Sweden. We went straight out from land into a thick layer of fog and after less than a minute we saw nothing but white.

reflection: Like being in some kind of dream, the only sounds we could hear were the sound of the kayaks cutting through the calm water. The sky merged into the lake and I realized how the water mirrored everything we did.

connection: I enjoyed this moment of solitude and silence, which was in fact on the most open and exposed spot I could think of in the first place. But right there and then we were completely secluded.

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @o_karl from Sweden.


image by @nickraniga

Eclectic Gallery. Shooting from Vancouver, B.C.

observation: The first thing I felt was the utter stillness and absorption of sound. The tranquil waters, sitting fog, and calm air really left me with an incredible amount of awareness of what was before my eyes.

reflection: Back in elementary school, we used to watch documentaries on projectors. Every time the teacher carted one into the classroom, we all got very excited. At that time, my favorite documentaries were of the Canadian outback. I loved the ones that beautifully connected the entire ecosystem from squirrels, beavers, and ravens to trees, plants, and rivers. So, every time I’m under a canopy, I step on wet Canadian earth, see autumn leaves on the ground, or at the water’s edge, I am always taken back to this warm childhood moment.

connection: Re-discovery. Sometimes, putting on a backpack, picking up a camera, and walking nowhere is all it really takes.

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @nickraniga Canada.


The more faithfully you listen to the voices within you, the better you will hear what is sounding outside.
Dag Hammarskjøld

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