Mind & Heart Connections

Mind & Heart Connections

We continue to explore minds and hearts making connections through each others viewfinders, focal points, and the thoughts embedded within pixels you see here…

free spirit-wild heart -iphone only

~Thoughts from Sandy~

observation: I see the clouds moving quickly, almost in sync with the water.

reflection: I am reminded of how moving nature can be in all aspects of life.

connection: what made this moment special was no matter what & where, nature is always connected & memories are interwoven.

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @sandy.to
Location Canada.

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In a constant state of wanderlust & dreaming of a better world…

~Thoughts from Annette~

observation: As I stood up there on the precipice I contemplated the peaceful rockpool in front of me. How still it was. As I slowly turned to my left, a movement caught my eye as I noticed the huge waves crashing just below my feet.

reflection: Dreaming of life’s innate fragility, strength. Constant motion, stillness. Passion, non-grasping.

connection: A primordial feeling in a primordial land – the interconnectedness of our innerverse with the outerverse.

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @dawa_lhamo Location Australia.

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travel, food, and starting july 2015, a year of flânerie

~Thoughts from Lisa~

observation: I recently took a year off from my job and am traveling around the world. Currently I’m in Europe. I had never before been to Austria, and I decided to go to Salzburg for just 2 days.

reflection: I had a really hard time getting any good photos in Salzburg. This was actually quite stressful for me. To be honest, I also wasn’t having much fun. There’s a lot of Mozart stuff and Sound of Music stuff, but nothing seemed to interest me. I remember thinking that planning 2 days in Salzburg was way too much. On the afternoon of my last day there, my plan was to go back to my hotel early in order to pack. At the last minute, I decided to take a short detour to visit Hohensalzburg Castle which sits on a hill overlooking the town.

connection: Something changed for me while I was at the castle. The sun was starting to go down and the light was amazing. I was able to see over the entire city. It sounds strange, but it finally dawned on me that it was autumn and the colors were magical and beautiful. I realized that even though Salzburg wasn’t the most exciting or adventurous place, I was still happy and satisfied with my time there. It reminded me that during this year of travel, I can’t just scurry around with my long lists of tourist activities every single day. I’m making a greater effort to have quiet downtime as well.

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @lachiou
Location Hohensalzburg Castle.

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San Francisco Peninsula | I like the beach

~Thoughts from Michelle~

observation: I turned toward the Pacific & all of a sudden every single one of them started to emerge from the surf. Some twenty or thirty surfers all seeming to be of one mind. I took this just as the first hit the beach.

reflection: Was it It a band of Selkies from childhood tales of long ago come to life? Whatever it was there was such a beauty of movement as fine as any ballet I’ve seen at the War Memorial Opera House.

connection: Usually we share no more than a nod, a grin or I’ll point at my camera & say it’s only for Instagram. This time I asked one of them what was happening. He turned pointing to the Pacific. Do you see it? The rip tide has shifted the break. I nodded yes I’d be a fool if I couldn’t spot a riptide. Then he pointed way down the beach, smiled & said that’s where it’s breaking now. And he walked the way of his fellows.

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @pemberley_
Location Ocean Beach, Kelly’s Cove.

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Capturing what I see & experience day to day.

~Thoughts from Rory~

observation: I’ve been to this spot to photograph before. I shot form a bridge and know, from the previous visit, that I liked one side over the other and this was not that side. When I looked closer I could see a heart shape in the water below.

reflection: I collect heart shape rocks. I have also started shooting found heart shapes in nature but I generally keep these to myself or for a much ‘smaller audience’. Perhaps it’s because it’s a bit cliche or perhaps it’s a bit more personal.

connection: Generally I let my personality and current state of mind flow through my image selection, edit style and captions which can sometimes be quite metaphoric. On this post I wanted to reveal a tiny bit more.

acknowledgment: Inside the mind and heart of photographer @rorytucker
Location Whistler, BC.

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Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.
Carl Jung

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