3 Whole Days

3 Whole Days

“We have to wait 3 whole days before it’s calmversation time” declared a youngster as he stared at the class calendar. I looked back at him with the kind of expression that stems straight from the heart.

“You know, we are calmversationing right now” offered the student’s friend.

I was left without words and for a long moment could speak only in smiles.

It’s been an action packed month of creative learning and discovery in our calmversation classes!

“Several times a week Miss Jena comes to our classrooms, and teaches us about observing reflecting and connecting through calmversation. She has also taught us that you can tell how people are feeling by reading their faces and especially their eyes! We know “calmversation” means different things to different people. To us it means listening to others with not only your ears but your heart.”

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