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A visually soothing collection of moments…
Over 60k images have emerged from countries around the world. These real time connections have taken shape as a caring network of people and stories…

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Conversation and interaction are necessary in our daily lives, whether face-to-face or through other means, such as the internet…

calmversation allows a different approach to these interactions than what many of us are used to. It requires a less instant response, something more thought-provoking for the speaker — and in turn, something more meaningful to the listener. Therefore calmversation allows for more respectful communication between people. Because it is a process, calmversation seems to also create more of a dialogue for a person with their own mind: we are made to be more aware and present of our thoughts, opinions, and responses. This adds depth to our interactions. Therefore, I believe calmversation sets up a foundation for peaceful interaction and experience for humanity.

Navroop K, British Columbia, Canada, @onceuponatimeinvancouver

Energy is so fluid… calmversation’s “observe, reflect, and connect” is a sweet reminder to mellow out the increasingly chaotic energy of our busy worlds. It gently asks us to slow down and take better assessment of the energies in and around us, as well as our own impact on those energies. I love the way calmversation encourages awareness and thought of the world around us and I really love that it promotes connectivity. It reminds us to slow down to and engage with one another, to purposefully listen to one another, to engage in active thought and understanding. As someone who tends to think about experiences long after they’ve happened, calmversation resonates with me because I feel like it gives a name to the way I strive to operate in day to day life. It’s a truly beautiful philosophy that I’m grateful to have stumbled upon.

Jena P., Vermont, USA, @snowy_vt

I remember when you came up with the idea of calmversation and how I immediately fell in love with the concept. It was fantastic to see how it spread like wildfire on Instagram, and I am so happy to hear it has reached the schools as a learning model as well. I believe the children of today (well actually all of us!) needs this more than ever, considering the stressful time we are living in, and all the expectations we are surrounded with in terms of being perfect in every aspect of life.

Nina H., Oslo, Norway, @kodakmoments_bynina

As an introvert, a large part of my day is spent seeking out my own fortress of solitude from an incredibly loud, jarring world. There are times, though, that I do crave a real connection; not always of the face-to-face kind however, and it is then that I turn to Instagram.
After stumbling across @calmversation, I have found a community full of wholehearted, inspiring people with intent and beautiful thoughts alongside gentle photography that soothes the soul. A real haven amidst the constant distraction and chaos of the world outside.

Steph D., Northamptonshire, England, @red_sh0es

Just the word itself “calmversation”, takes us instantly to another sphere. It evokes images, feelings, creativity all at once. It something that can happen between two people or more, but it can happen also with oneself.

Lise G., Quebec, Canada, @mamiga99

As someone who believes whole heartedly in non-violent approaches to living, #calmversation serves as an important building block to nurturing compassionate individuals, schools, and organizations. If every child was introduced to #calmversation, I imagine a future where peaceful resolutions are more readily achieved and our remaining differences are more respectfully understood.

Alivia, Sunshine Coast, Australia, @alittlebitofblush

#calmversation does a nice job of being simple, descriptive and inviting. It is a moment captured where the image depicts a scene of stillness or quiet that at the same time says a thousand words. You can understand the sentiment immediately and share in the positivity it provides. In the right hands a photo tagged with #calmversation will tell you all about the photographer in the same way a portrait can reveal a persons inner most secrets. Jena has done a fine job of curating her soporific vision into a single and novel word. I am currently on a balcony overlooking the sea surrounded by the smell of pine trees and eucalyptus, the sun is setting over Croatian hills in the distance whilst the local fishing boats return to port. For someone used to busy London life this is my idea of true calm making it easy to point my iPhone at the water and indulge in a little #calmversation with my friend the sea.

Sam, London, England, @samthegap

I remember the first time I heard the word calmversation. It was as if a new area of illumination in my soul became ignited and I found myself searching through the tag to discover more. At its source and simplicity, to me, calmvo’s are the truest form of connection. A most centering experience, that’s now become my anthem all thanks to @missyjena. Her intuitive foresight has imagined up a space where solitude and non-movement are so harmoniously intertwined to spirit. So tuck in your wings… as my yoga teacher used to say when my shoulders raised up from tension, and revitalize your frame of mind. No matter what path you’re on or whatever mire you seem to be stuck in, #calmversation can be your sweet, quiet exhale too.

Lynn, Vancouver, BC, @heartedgirl_

calmversation is a way of seeing and being that contributes in a significant way to helping humans realize their potential to be respectful and caring citizens of the world. I believe all humans have that potential, and that calmversation can empower them to achieve this state.

Chris, British Columbia, Canada, @wongski

calmversation is an opportunity to connect with people across the globe over an essence – a driving force to share a feeling with others. Jena has created a space that brings together people who may be separated by water and land, but are neighbours in spirit.

Bree, Vancouver, BC, @breegalbraith

When I first came upon Jena’s photography there was an instant connection to inner peace. When I first heard about calmversation and put them together with Jena’s photography, it all made sense. The feeling of peace, tranquility and respect for what is around you. Whether it be calmversation with nature, or with the person you are walking beside, it’s that time of slowing down and being aware of what is around you. Seeing from the heart…. calmversation is now a daily practice in my life, and I must say, the world looks so much better because of it.

Sharon, Vancouver, BC, @bluechamelon

I came across a certain concept on Instagram called “calmversation” created by the digital influencer and educator, Missy Jena. The word itself really struck a chord with me, not only as it is the perfect word that sums up some of my experiences in Korea, but also photography wise, it is the feeling I strive for when editing my pictures… It changed my perspective of travel. Perhaps this was the key missing ingredient and mindset I needed to enjoy and improve my work even more. Although I know there will be many times in the future where travelling alone will be necessary for the sake of a job, however it’s time to seek out companionship who strive for taking the best pictures of Korea whilst having a ‘calmversation’ with myself…

Ken L., Seoul, Korea, @seoul_stateofmind

I’ve spent the last ten minutes looking at calmversations and it feels like my soul was wrapped in a towel fresh out of the drier and is now covered in sleepy purring kittens…

…sigh… [looks out window consumed by wistfulness and a vague sense of ennui]

Taran G., British Columbia, Canada., Ip Lobby

You know, it’s the quiet times that are the loudest for me. Why? Well, I think it’s because I let all my thoughts just explode and then, as if by magic, they just fall into it’s proper place, and peaceful serenity ensue.
This is my #calmversation

Elizabeth, Ontario, Canada, @ellephoto_

calmversation connects people from the far reaches of the world and touches the heart with sweet smiles and warm words – It is a beautiful outlook that reminds us to take that deep, calming breath, curl those lips into a smile and appreciate life more fully.

Mackenzie, @mack_noel

Over the noise, over the agitation. Finding connection and purpose in the sweetest and most sincere way. No clutter, no makeup. Finding with amazement that such delicate, real exchange is possible even in the virtual world.

I like to think of #calmversation as a place that serves comfort food for the soul. It’s that familiar coffee shop that plays your favourite songs and makes great hot chocolate. The best part is you meet others there that enjoy the same things.

Jack, Vancouver, BC,, @thewantedwombat

#calmversation has been a part of altering my photographic style and minimal inspiration.To catch that one small moment. A moment lived by a stranger but one filled with the wonder & awe that is another’s life. To make that small act the star of my little square is to highlight that each of us matters. I think instagram & #calmversation came along at the perfect time.

Michelle, San Francisco Peninsula, USA, @pemberley_

I am always visiting the tag #calmversation as well as @missyjena’s page when I am craving a sense of peace and serenity. It instantly makes me feel as if I have taken a deep breath and encourages me to do so! I also love that when I feel like an image I have posted is too chaotic for the tag, she encourages me to tag it anyway and always understands and sees the calm in it. She is one of the reasons I love instagram. I am honored to join the calmversation.

Heidi, Alberta, Canada, @heidihoweth

Moons ago, I first learned of Jena’s instagram account after seeing #calmversation in the comment section of someone’s image. And I quickly learned that not only did I find both Jena and her images to be lovely, I really connected to the concept of her hashtag. To me, #calmversation is a medley of all that soothes the soul, quiets the mind, and cools the mood. The word itself suggests that people come together to share meaningful dialogue about an image or idea. I believe it also evokes images that portray an introspective quality, asking viewers to look beyond the literal view of the photo.

Dana, Minneapolis, Minnesota, @danamarieku

I’m always amazed when I learn how far reaching #calmversation is,
I’ve met instagrammers over the last year, both on the app, and in
person who knew about, and have contributed to #calmversation. I’m
excited to see what’s next!

Morgan aka Nica, Calgary, Alberta, @worth_y

Listen… calmversation is a dual effort. You can be a listener or a speaker. We as human are made with pair of ears and one mouth. With that proportion, listening should naturally be two times more than talking. Most animals follow this 2:1 rule and sometimes even better. I have never seen a bird or a dog that talks a lot. They would create sound only to find mates and to voice out their territories.
When sound is minimal and we pay more attention to what we hear, that’s what I think would be a calmversation. To me, a photograph is a dual effort too, an single-lens camera that captures and another pair of eyes that see. Isn’t that another 2:1 ratio? Imagine.

Vincent, Hong Kong, @vincelsl

calmversation is a place where you will find some of the most beautiful images and peaceful scenes. I explore and use the hashtag often. It is therapeutic, like a mental getaway or breath of fresh air. I look at calmversation photos and sometimes I wish I was at that place drinking coffee and sharing stories with a friend.

Janice, California, @GIJanice

a (not so) secret society of calm, of aesthetic reflection and respectful appreciation of natural beauty, of things too quickly missed in passing, of moments wanting to be stretched, kept, frozen. To me, a definition of serene beauty and a daily joy, receiving a new impression or re-visiting images of peace and quiet posted before. Big thank you!

Elke, England, @elice_f

…calmversation is an escape from the ordinary.. connectivity in spirit. feeling of freedom in expression and uniqueness.. it brings a genuine smile when reading and looking at the magnificent beauty people capture around the world.. calmversation is discovering beautiful souls in magical ability to connect and motivate.. calmversation is about love, appreciation and beautiful perspective on life.

Snezana, Vancouver, BC, @snezana7

The mind is often busy filled with thoughts of what am going to do tomorrow, what tasks do I need to finish now, what did I forgot to do in the past. There is a constant chatter internally and often times externally in your environment with lots of clutter and noise. A calmversation is where the mind and the outer world are sync so you able to capture those pure quite movements. A calmversation are those conversations where you and your subject and in this case environment are in total rapport.

Stephen, @journeyofnow

calmversation connects instagrammers around the world on a minimal yet impactful level of peace, serenity and happiness.

Dennis, Vancouver, BC, @debuguru

from schools

calmversation is transforming the classroom community in so many wildly wonderful ways!!  All students needs and ideas are recognized and celebrated through this awesome use of technology and the calmversation opportunity. Disabilities become full-fledged abilities, as each student is recognized and empowered to see themselves as the creative artists that they are meant to be. Observing, reflecting and connecting… unlocks each child’s authentic voice and creative expertise. A “must” for any learning environment.

Nancy Resource Teacher

In a world where technology can be isolating in relationships, calmversation has kids fully connecting with each other. Students are totally engaged in observing, listening, and feeling what their classmates are communicating with their stories… It is magical to watch.

Laurie, Administrative Assistant

There are givers in this world. People who give kindness, give respect, give empathy, and give love. They give … calmversation. When the school setting puts up barriers, calmversation gives hope. When the school setting lends to stereotypes, calmversation gives understanding. Simply put, calmversation makes this school and our world a better place.

Margaret , Kindergarten Teacher

A calmversation is a time to relax with your brain and understand things better.

Jennifer, 10 years old