Said Jena to Jena

Said Jena to Jena

A round of questions and answers with Jena from Vermont!

Describe your process as a photographer…

I always have my camera on me and am always on the lookout for shots. Totally self taught (via experimentation, friends’ advice and the internet as well), I get my inspiration from the world around me as well as other photographers. When I see a shot with a style or technique that interests me, I’ll contact the artist to find out what they did, then find out as much information as I can about how to make it happen for me. However, every camera and photographer is a little bit different and I find that the learning I remember best comes from actually putting that information into practice, practice, and more practice…luckily I love the practice.

Tell us how you caption your images…

This one varies. Sometimes I’ll see a quote I like and save it for the perfect picture. Even months later, I’ll take the picture and immediately know I have the perfect shot for the quote I saved so long ago. Often a conversation I’ve had with someone will inspire me to find a quote that conveys a certain message. It’s funny because depending on the quote itself sometimes people will comment and ask if I’m doing ok, which is such a beautiful thing. To be perfectly honest, when I AM going through something that hurts bad enough to have its own caption I’m far too sensitive and too much of a private person to post about it. Those are times when I find the quotes I’ll save for later. Some of my happiest times are when I’ve posted some of the saddest captions, ironically enough.


In the context of calmversation, define energy:
Energy is so fluid… calmversation’s “observe, reflect, and connect” is a sweet reminder to mellow out the increasingly chaotic energy of our busy worlds. It gently asks us to slow down and take better assessment of the energies in and around us, as well as our own impact on those energies.
I love the way calmversation encourages awareness and thought of the world around us and I really love that it promotes connectivity. Calmversation reminds us to slow down to and engage with one another, to purposefully listen to one another, to engage in active thought and understanding. As someone who tends to think about experiences long after they’ve happened, calmversation resonates with me because I feel like it gives a name to the way I strive to operate in day to day life. It’s a truly beautiful philosophy that I’m grateful to have stumbled upon…
On a side note, how did the #saidJenatoJena tag come to be?
I’ve never known another Jena with one N and it was so nice to have a name twin who was so talented and so sweet. It was like our little inside joke. We had been following each other for a little while and complimenting each other’s pictures. One day you just added that tag into a compliment on one of my pictures and I loved it. The tag pool looked like a creamsicle for a while- it started in the winter, when I was posting mainly sunsets and you were posting mainly fog.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and a collection of inspiring quotes, Jena from Vermont!
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There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.

CS Lewis