Inspired to See

Inspired to See

Michelle’s photography is always stunning and soothing to the senses. You can count on her for quirky captions that are candid reflections from life, travels and the occassional traffic tickets. A while back, I ran across one of Michelle’s posts that made me stop and think. I was shocked to learn this photographer, who I admired from afar, was losing her vision. Her connection to calmversation touched my heart…

“To catch that one small moment. A moment lived by a stranger but one filled with the wonder and awe that is another’s life. To make that small act the star of my little square is to highlight that each of us matters. I think Instagram and calmversation came along at the perfect time. As vision narrows in my left eye it is those small moments I enjoy most of all. The serenity, the calmness remind me to repeat what John Milton said, “to be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable.” And were I to allow it the thought of blindness could cause a panic but instead I remain calm & remember I am doing all I can. And I talk about it because while I may be afraid I don’t live in fear.”

Thank you, Michelle. Every person matters… and the sum of those small moments yields the greatest of perspectives.

Michelle lives in San Francisco and can be found sharing more of these moments on Instagram @pemberley_