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Happy hello from MissyJena

MissyJena is an educator, innovator, and professional speaker who has developed a unique system to dissolve barriers to learning, leadership, and communication. She focuses on designing high impact solutions for schools and corporate spaces. Jena also enjoys mentoring creative startups. Bridging the divide in communications and problem solving is why she created calmversation – both as a new model for learning and one that helps humans better connect and relate to one another and to technology.

Greetings my fellow human,

I knew in my heart there had to be a better way! With a playful personality and a thoughtful approach, I began the adventure of a lifetime.

I spent 14 years as an educator and avid observer of student learning within the Vancouver school district. My experiences and awareness of subtle nuances in human interactions led me to step away from the established education system, and instead, create a new framework for learning that is delighting humans of all ages.

As the founder of calmversation; a multi-dimensional approach to authentic, creative and high impact communication, I developed a solution to lift the barriers that interfere with understanding. As a dedicated advocate for the child’s imagination, I too dream in possibilities. In the process of developing calmversation as a model for deeper learning, I discovered the concept resonated with many grown ups too! To date, thousands of people across the globe have connected with us. I am excited to extend wisdoms and insights collected for human and social development through our very forward-looking lens…

Let’s explore possibilities through calmversation!

Sincerely yours,


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