about calmversation

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what is calmversation

calmversation is the peaceful exchange of thoughts and ideas …
and an innovative framework for learning

for school

Students explore a range of inquiry-based social, emotional, inclusive, and innovative learning methods that will develop their ability to connect with others and be more aware of their learning processes.

This online curriculum is a model designed to develop multiple literacies while strengthening each student’s creativity and ability for self-reflection on his or her learning. In the lessons, students will

  1. observe — use your senses to understand what is being shared.

  2. reflect — use their head and heart to establish how you feel about it.

  3. connect — make a connection by using their voice or another medium such as writing, drawing or photography to share their thoughts.

Our 5-part learning series is available online to licensed educators.


for workplace

Our workshops focus on team building and innovation. We help organizations boost employee morale and motivation, as well as strengthen growth and communication during our customized sessions.


for home

If you are looking for calming decor for your private oasis see our online collection. We also have calmversation digital images available for purchase by request. Our collection is sure to create some calm in any space, whether it is in your home or office.