the evolution of understanding

calmversation is a model for learning that bridges the gap for understanding.
It creates a dynamic social, emotional learning environment and facilitates communication between two people,
whether it is teacher and student, employer and employee, or vendor and client.

for the workplace

Our workshops focus on team building and innovation. We help organizations boost employee morale and motivation, as well as strengthen growth and communication during our customized sessions.


for school

Our 5-part online learning series is available to licensed educators. Students will explore a range of inquiry-based social, emotional, inclusive, and innovative learning methods. In these lessons, they will learn about communication, leadership, and problem solving. Unique to this program is the use of technology to bring students closer to their fellow humans through empathy and self-awareness of how they learn.


for home

If you are looking for calming decor for your private oasis, see our online collection. We also have calmversation digital images available for purchase by request. Our collection is sure to create some calm in any space, whether it is in your home or office.


calmversation is…

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In today’s heavily connected world, knowing how to interact respectfully with a wide variety of individuals and ideas will be critical to global cooperation and innovation. From conflict zones to classrooms — calmversation empowers us to tread thoughtfully through our own internal dialogue so that we can more clearly and constructively approach how we communicate.

calmversation connects people from the far reaches of the world and touches the heart with sweet smiles and warm words – It is a beautiful outlook that reminds us to take that deep, calming breath, curl those lips into a smile and appreciate life more fully.

Mackenzie - Wailuku, Hawaii, @mack_noel

calmversation is transforming the classroom community in so many wildly wonderful ways!!  All students needs and ideas are recognized and celebrated through this awesome use of technology and the calmversation opportunity. Disabilities become full-fledged abilities, as each student is recognized and empowered to see themselves as the creative artists that they are meant to be. Observing, reflecting and connecting… unlocks each child’s authentic voice and creative expertise. A “must” for any learning environment.

Nancy Resource Teacher

In a world where technology can be isolating in relationships, calmversation has kids fully connecting with each other. Students are totally engaged in observing, listening, and feeling what their classmates are communicating with their stories… It is magical to watch.

Laurie, Administrative Assistant

There are givers in this world. People who give kindness, give respect, give empathy, and give love. They give … calmversation. When the school setting puts up barriers, calmversation gives hope. When the school setting lends to stereotypes, calmversation gives understanding. Simply put, calmversation makes this school and our world a better place.

Margaret , Kindergarten Teacher

A calmversation is a time to relax with your brain and understand things better.

Jennifer, 10 years old

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